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Rubber Flooring provides exclusive rubber flooring mats and sheets to make your indoors and outdoors safe and attractive. The premium, slip resistant products are delivered to your doorstep with simplicity and convenience. We are a leading manufacturer of rubber flooring mats and sheets in the rubber flooring industry with a huge range of products.  Our unmatched attractive designs and easy to install rubber flooring products are designed for long lasting and can be easily used for gym flooring, van mats, wet areas, garage mats, playground safety mats, rubber flooring and many more. 

Rubber Flooring

     Rubber Flooring

  • Rubber Flooring Rolls
    Rubber Flooring Rolls

    The rubber flooring rolls produced by the are perfect to make your floor look elegant and exquisite with the advantage of becoming slip resistant. Crafted from the best quality raw materials, these rolls are perfected to last very long keeping your walkways and hallways no slip zones. Our rubber flooring rolls are available in attractive designs and smart colours to match your beautiful environment. They possess perfect insulation properties and are available in different sizes at affordable prices.

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  • Less Than 10 Metres Cut
    Less Than 10 Metres Cut

    Save money with the less than 10 meters cut mats to cover the smaller areas in your home and office. The attractive designs add beauty along with the anti slip protection to your floors. The slick rubber surface is able to endure the wear and tear for a very long time, probably years whilst providing insulation to your feet when the floor gets cold or hot with the climate. Our less than 10 meters cut flooring mats are provided to your doorstep within the shortest possible time at very affordable prices.

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  • Gym Flooring
    Gym Flooring

    Gym flooring mats from are a must have for every gym to provide protection to the customers while they train. The heavy duty anti fatigue rubber flooring mats is designed to make a gym look more appealing and safe. The slip resistant design ensures safety while lifting the heavy weights in the different postures while the inter-locking design ensures no open space between the tiles. Let the weight fall without any effect to the tiles below because the reverse effect is absorbed by the high profile gym flooring mats.

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  • Garage Flooring
    Garage Flooring

    Our oil and grease resistant garage flooring sheets and mats provide an ideal safety to your garage. The heavy duty mats are perfect for high traffic areas and are the best choice for domestic and commercial garage installations. The easy to clean rubber flooring ensures that your garage looks as clean as new after you have finished the messy work. The noise reducing garage flooring rubber absorbs the clutter and clanking noises of falling metal objects.

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  • Van Flooring
    Van Flooring

    Premium and exclusive van lorry and truck flooring mats are available in attractive designs to keep your precious vehicles protected from dents and scratches. The anti slip surface prevents goods from bumping in each other or sliding while travelling. The noise absorbent and load stabilization ability of the mats makes travelling with heavy goods as smooth as flying. The heavy duty van lorry and truck flooring from ensures you get the best value for money.

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  • Industrial Rubber Flooring
    Industrial Rubber Flooring

    Industrial rubber flooring provides perfect safety for the indoor and outdoor rubber flooring. brings you the exclusive cushioned bubble flooring mats for your industrial floors in attractive designs and colours. The easy to clean flooring keeps your floors sparkling and remains slip resistant even when wet from cleaning and washing. The heavy duty industrial rubber flooring material can withstand the weight of moving trolleys without cutting or tearing. It provides a soft, cushioned feeling to your feet and the insulation properties make it the best choice for industrial flooring. 

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  • Playground Flooring
    Playground Flooring

    Playground flooring mats from are an ideal for nurseries and primary schools. Manufactured with a 12mm EPDM high quality rubber, it makes us the the best UV resistant tiles manufacturer in the industry. The special design highlights harmful foreign objects to protect the children and playing outside in the rainy season without the fear of slipping makes it worth the money you spend. Playground flooring can be easily installed on concrete, asphalt and roofs where the children usually play.

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  • Rubber Bathroom Flooring
    Rubber Bathroom Flooring

    Our rubber bathroom flooring is the perfect safety solution for your bathrooms and wet areas. Elegant anti slip designs and beautiful colours are available to choose from at affordable prices. We deliver the flooring of your choice to your doorstep within the shortest possible time. The non-slip surface with easy and quick drainage makes it the best choice for bathrooms, spas, shower rooms and steam rooms. Get the rubber bathroom flooring of your choice at discounted prices that fit your budget perfectly.


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  • Wet Room Flooring
    Wet Room Flooring

    We have wide range of wet room flooring products with exclusive designs and unmatchable product quality for the private, domestic and commercial sectors at competitive prices. The anti slip rubber provides all the safety you need from a wet room floor. The unmatched quality of our wet room flooring makes us the best in the industry. We deliver your orders with ease and convenience in the least possible time with a guarantee that it perfectly matches what you have ordered from us.


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  • Rubber Flooring For Shops
    Rubber Flooring For Shops excels in manufacturing high quality rubber flooring for shops. We provide a wide range of attractive durable rubber matting for the floors of your shops at affordable prices. They are of superior quality to withstand wear and tear of high traffic. The attractive designs make them a perfect match for your indoor and outdoor installations. Rubber flooring for shops provide an ideal safety feature for the kids and the elderly customers to come to your shop.


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  • Kennel Flooring
    Kennel Flooring

    Anti fatigue kennel flooring is a must have for every pet care centre. Choose from a wide range of attractive designs and many colours to make your pet care centres attractive and non slip zone. We deliver high quality durable flooring mats to your doorstep with ease and convenience. Our kennel flooring rolls have clean and gloss finish along with slip resistant directional grooved surface. They also possess noise reduction properties so that the furry friends enjoy a peaceful atmosphere to enjoy in every visit.

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  • Electrical Rubber Matting
    Electrical Rubber Matting

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