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Rubber Matting

Rubber matting company delivers you exclusive, featured and premium range of rubber matting products at your doorstep with ease and convenience. We are the one of the leading company in the realm of rubber matting and flooring products. We have wide range of rubber matting products with exclusive designs and unmatchable product quality. We design rubber matting and flooring for many applications such as gym mats, van mats, wet area mats, rubber grass mats, playground safety mats and many more.

Rubber Matting

    Rubber Matting

  • Rubber Matting Rolls
    Rubber Matting Rolls

    The rubber matting rolls produced by, provide your floor with an exquisite and excellent option of non-slip flooring. It is a perfect choice for the areas where safety is essential. Our rubber matting rolls are available in smart and attractive patterns to satisfy your aesthetics. They are heavy duty, durable and resistant to wear and tear. Our rubber matting rolls possess clean and sheen finish along with slip resistant directional ribbed surface. They also possess perfect insulation properties. These are available in different sizes at affordable prices.

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  • Grass Mats
    Grass Mats

    Our grass mats for playgrounds, are an excellent choice for play areas. They possess outstanding qualities of safety and aesthetics. Grass mats are available in form of tiles and mesh. Our grass mats have a hole which not only allow grass to grow but also provides easy drainage. The rubber grass mats are manufactured using recycled rubber which is resistant to all types of weathers and extreme temperatures. Our rubber grass mats and tiles are available at affordable prices.We are a leading rubber matting company.

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  • Gym Mats
    Gym Mats

    Gym mats provide an ideal option for gyms, nurseries and primary schools. is a professional matting company which offers premium quality gym mats for our customers. Our heavy duty rubber gym mats are perfect for heavy weights and high traffic areas. They possess slip resistant pattern finish with an impact absorbing profile on reverse. This makes gym mats the most suitable option for high impact areas. The integral locking design of gym tiles makes them fit at any available space.We are the premier source of rubber matting.

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  • Wet Area Matting
    Wet Area Matting

    Wet area matting provides perfect safety for pool sides and wet areas. offers wet area matting which provides a safe and non-slip surface along with easy and quick drainage. We have variety of wet area matting options which includes rubber mats with drainage holes, rubber link mats with drainage holes, heavy duty wet area mats and rubber flooring rolls specially made for wet areas. These are all made of pure rubber and are manufactured using heavy duty rubber compound making it fir for wet area is proud to manufacture the best rubber matting products.

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  • Van Matting
    Van Matting

    Van matting from We offer affordable, hard wearing and high quality van matting solutions for your vans and Lorries. Our specially designed heavy duty van matting perfectly absorbs the impact of heavy weights. In addition to this, it also gives slip-resistant surface finish. It prevents any kinds of shocks or dents to the truck bed. Our van matting is economically priced, giving a perfect insulation and protection to your van and lorry , the leader in rubber matting products.

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  • Playground Tiles and Mats
    Playground Tiles and Mats

    We aim to provide our custom with top quality playground tiles in the market. The playground safety tiles produced by our company possess a top protective 12 mm layer of EPDM rubber. This makes our tiles weather and U.V. resistant as. They do not lose their original shine and color and enhance the beauty of the playground area. Our playground tiles and mats are manufactured and designed to ensure maximum safety, cleaner playground area, durable, virtually maintenance free and provides low cost and easy , the name of quality rubber matting products.

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  • Outdoor Matting
    Outdoor Matting

    We offer variety of outdoor matting options to our customers. Our rubber matting and flooring products are heavy duty, tough and durable. They have attractive and smart patterns which appeals to the aesthetics.Our outdoor matting products has been manufactured and designed to provide high oil, grease, and chemical and slip resistance. They have excellent floor to foot cold insulation properties. It’s long lasting and durable rubber will provide you with the best value for your , most advanced rubber matting unit.

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  • Industrial Mats
    Industrial Mats

    Industrial mats from, are manufactured from high quality Oil Resistant Nitrile Rubber. It possesses non-slip and anti-fatigue qualities which are par excellence. The soft cushioned construction of our industrial mats gives extra soft cushion effects on feet. It is best choice for preventing falls and accidents. In addition to industrial mats, industrial rubber tiles and rolls, of different sizes are also available. These heavy duty industrial mats are affordable and economical, which easily fits within your budget.We offer complete range of rubber matting products.

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  • Entrance Matting
    Entrance Matting

    Entrance matting adds to the beauty and cleanliness of the place. has an extensive range of entrance matting from which you can choose from. Our entrance mats are hard-wearing and durable which makes them a perfect fit for the high foot traffic areas. Our high quality entrance mats have dual level surface which helps to trap dirt and moisture. Our mats possess durable rubber base construction for longer life. They are available in different colors, sizes and shapes. Our increased number of satisfied clients speak itself the high quality of our rubber matting range.

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  • Rubber Mats for Restaurants
    Rubber Mats for Restaurants

    Rubber mats for restaurants are protective, slip-resistant, hygienic, for your restaurants. is the specialist in the field. We manufacture rubber mats for restaurants using high quality rubber which is durable and long lasting. Our rubber products possess excellent slip resistant and insulation properties. They are quite easy to mop and clean and are ideal for heavy foot traffic. Different varieties of rubber flooring and matting are available with us at the most affordable prices. We are adding more products in our unique rubber matting range.

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  • Stable Mats
    Stable Mats

    Stable and Horse mats rubber flooring are ideal, soft and cleanable for the stables. Our heavy duty rubber stable mats and tiles are specially manufactured and designed to using robust regenerated rubber. Our special bubble mats for stables have high profile bubble pattern on one side and broad ribbed fluted pattern on the other side, to provide perfect comfort and durability. The high grade rubber of our horse mats and tiles will neither expand nor tear and are economically priced. We guarantee the best rubber matting products in the town.

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  • Anti Fatigue Mats
    Anti Fatigue Mats

    Anti-fatigue mats works best for commercial as well as public sector use. Our Anti-fatigue mats are specially manufactured and designed to be used at places where workers work for long hours on their feet. These mats aid to reduce fatigue and pain in the joints. Because of their cushioned bottom and surface, they provide extra soft and cushioned effect to the feet.Our anti- fatigue mats are made of heavy duty, high impact and resilient rubber. We are your premier online source of rubber matting.

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  • Workshop Mats
    Workshop Mats

    Our extensive experience in Workshop mats manufacturing will help you in your workshops flooring. Our workshop mats are manufactured from high grade, heavy duty, non-slip and durable rubber. Our specially featured anti-fatigue workshop mats ensure comfort and cushion effect to the feet. They have fine slip resistant pattern finish and provide excellent protection from slips and falls. Our mats are highly resistant to oil and grease. They are quite easy to clean and mop. We are the answer of all your rubber matting needs.

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  • Non Slip Rubber for Decking
    Non Slip Rubber for Decking

    Our non slip rubber for decking specialized mats provides perfect safety and comfort for a wide variety of settings. We have variety of rubber matting and flooring options available for decking. Our rubber mats and rolls are manufactured using high grade, heavy duty and durable rubber matting along with fine finish. Mats are also available in attractive designs and patterns. They are highly slip-resistant and possess good floor to foot cold insulation properties. They are quite economically priced to meet all your decking needs.

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  • Pool Mats
    Pool Mats

    We supply pool mats for private, public and domestic use. Our pool mats are a perfect solution to prevent slipping and falling in the wet areas around the swimming pools. Our pool mats are manufactured from high grade, heavy duty, and durable and non-slip rubber compound. They are an ideal option for the wash down areas supporting fast drainage and ensures excellent grip. These economically priced pool mats are an excellent option for pool sides and wet areas.We are your online source of rubber matting.

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  • Industrial Safety Mats
    Industrial Safety Mats

    Our exceptionally designed and manufactured industrial safety mats fulfills all the obligations of industrial safety and health. They are manufactured using heavy duty, high quality, high impact and resilient rubber. Their cushioned bubbled construction on reverse and bottom gives an extra cushioned and soft effect on feet. Our mats are highly oil and grease resistant and prevent slips and falls. They are available with us at an affordable price. You can find complete range of rubber mats here

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  • Logo Mats
    Logo Mats

    Our customized logo mats beautifully designed combine the benefits of both an entrance mat and your company’s branding mat. They enhance the professional image of your company. The back of our logo mat is formed of nitrile rubber. The backing finish is of slight embossed. We make use of most advanced sublimation print process available in the market to create an image on your premium and exclusive logo mat. You can get your logo mat from us at economical price.

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  • Gymnastic Mats
    Gymnastic Mats has wide range of gymnastic mats of various sizes and depths. They are manufactured and designed by keeping in view the comfort and safety requirements of the gym area. We manufacture gymnastic mats using foam with flame retardant (FR), PVC bonded cover, FR latex anti-slip base and reinforced welded corners. These mats possess anti-slip properties and provide perfect protection against slips and falls. Ourgymnastic mats are available at economical and affordable prices.

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  • Ground Reinforcement Mesh
    Ground Reinforcement Mesh

    Rubber Matting Company’s exclusively manufactured ground reinforcement mesh is an ideal option for grassy areas which are exposed to football and traffic. We manufacture ground reinforcement mesh using HDPE which is rot resistant and UV stabilized for durability. It allows the grass to grow through it, which ensures the creation of strong and safe surface. Varieties of different ground reinforcement mesh are available with us. You can choose the one right for your place at an affordable price.
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  • Non Slip Mat
    Non Slip Mat

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