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    Safety Mats Play Protect

    Safety Mats Play Protect

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    The safety mats offer many benefits:

    -Safety tested in accordance with European Standard
    -Safety mats are maintenance free, all weather resistant and soundproof
    -Rubber slip resistant surface provides added protection
    -Structured backing allows for free water drainage, preventing water build up and logging
    -Insulation effect, ideal for cold weather
    -With different colour options available, these mats can be combined with one another to -create a wide range of designs and effects for your floor.
    Application uses include
    -Children's playgrounds
    -Sporting facilities
    -School playgrounds
    -Fitness centres
    -Swimming pools
    -And many more

    Size Chart :

    Size: 1m x 1m
    Material: Rubber
    Form: Square Tiles
    Thickness: 30 mm
    Characteristics: Anti-Slip, Insulation, Protection

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    Price: £44.44 (Excl. VAT)

    Price: £44.44 (Excl. VAT)